A new vision for CBC...

ReimagineCBC.ca sought to engage people from all across the country in a massive brainstorm on the future of public media in Canada.

We were motivated by the belief that public media is a crucial part of a healthy media ecology precisely because it operates differently from the private big telecom empires. The CBC is unique because we, as citizens, can get involved directly in shaping its future. The CBC has a mandate to serve the public interest, and must engage with the public to determine what that is.

Through this project, 36,479 people signed an online petition opposing severe cuts to the CBC. 496 ideas were submitted by the public and rated in our online Ideas Forum, which ran from January 24th to April 16th, 2012. Over 1500 people attended our “Reimagine CBC Celebration” on May 7th, either in-person in Vancouver or online. And an impressive 10,940 people participated in our public survey, created from the top-ranked ideas from the Ideas Forum.

Together, the ReimagineCBC.ca community has crafted a clear vision for the future of the CBC. We want a CBC that is courageous enough to take on powerful interests, with uniquely Canadian content that includes the best from community media. We want CBC to play to its strengths by supporting radio, and bringing the best of its past and present online for everyone to see. Read and share this vision now – finding solutions is only half the challenge...building lasting and engaged support for those solutions is the other crucial piece.